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fashion and technology – beyond social media: sms episode 9

Yesterday afternoon, Jas Banwait joined me live as did Aditya Shah via Skype to chat about Fashion and Technology.  Again?  Can you believe it?  Who would have guessed that fashion would make a return to SMS before sports?  Don’t worry, my fashion un-sense will not improve.  I do have an un-image to uphold. 😉

On to the show! It was great.  We actually (as the title would suggest) talked more about technology and not just social media.  One of the topics we discussed was how would technology help independent designers and boutiques attract more customers.

Here’s my question to you, do you know of a mobile app or website that designers and boutiques could use to drive traffic to their stores?  If you do,  please share them here!

One that I can think of it  Running in Toronto, My City Lives uses videos to help maps come to life.  Imagine visiting the website and entering “independent clothing store”.  Up would pop up all the independent clothing stores that people have posted videos about.  Simple yet effective.

Anything else?

Google and a little Apple – sms episode #7

Apple and Google

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of speaking one on one with Saul Colt.   Saul! (say it like it reads!) is a great guy in the marketing and social media community here in Toronto.  He is a highly regarded speaker and somehow the ladies love him.  Which is why I appreciate any time he spends with me.

On the show we spoke about Apple, Google and even one of his favourite books.

After you listen to the show I would love your thoughts on Ping – Apple’s new “social networking” experiment with iTunes.

So you use it?  Have you found it useful?  It is a pure marketing ploy by Apple or are they sincere in wanting to give back to their iTunes community?

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

sms episode #6

Twitter, Pulse and the Future of Social Media

This past episode my guests and I had a discussion (among other things) about the future of Twitter.  Ameet said Twitter would last more than 5 years and be around to succeed.  Jeremy thought otherwise and stated that Twitter would not be around in 5 years.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Who’s right and who’s wrong?  Why?

Ameet also introduced us to a project he’s working on called Pulse.

  1. Check out the link.
  2. Where would you like to receive notices from your favourite retailer or service provider?

Thanks for listening, reading and commenting.

sms episode #5

Hey there!

Recently I’ve started a podcast called SMS: Social Media Show.  You’ve probably seen my copy the posts here on this blog.  Starting with this post, I’m going to mix it up a little. 

Instead of posting the show notes I’m going to post a link to the podcast or Ustream of the episode.  Then, I’m going to ask some questions about some of the topics we’ve been discussing on the show.

I think this is a better idea.  I feel that by stimulating some conversation two things will happen.

First, you will enjoy the show more.  Second, I will be better able to prepare for future shows.

Chatting About Google and Chatroulette:

Post podcast discussion:

  1. Has anyone used Google Chat to make a phone call? My brother called me and the conversation was clear and not as choppy as Skype.
  2. Speaking of Skype, should they “be afraid”?
  3. Rumour has it that making free call to the US and Canada will continue into the New Year. Given this, is there any reason to have a home phone anymore?  Doesn’t everyone use a mobile phone?

Let’s discuss!

SMS episode 4

Social Media Show:  San Francisco social media and tech community


Karim Kanji – Twitter


Joallore Alon – Twitter

I work in Publishing for a large company. I’m a Social Instigator that will spur conversation at any moment. I like organizing anything that has “TO” in the hashtag 🙂 #RandomTO #RegiftTO

Guy Gal – Twitter

Yes, that’s my real name. Partner at #thebizmedia, we develop video content. Presenting sponsor of #TEDxToronto and The Art of Marketing. Founder of  #agencyball. Serve on the #GEW Advisory Board.

Mark Reale – Twitter

Mark is a partner and Web Developer at BNOTIONS, Co-Founder and Program Coordinator at the Yorkville Media Centre, and Professor at Seneca College in the Media Fundamentals, Independent Photography, and Acting for Camera and Voice programs.


Stephen Thomas

Episode Description

This Week on SMS: Discussing the Klout/Virgin America Influencer contest, San Francisco trips, and the week’s social events with guests Joallore Alon, Guy Gal and Mark Reale.

the hawk

I’m not his biggest fan but even I know that The Hawk is an important figure in Canadian music. And not just Canadian music. But musical history from the past 50 years.

Yes, The Hawk. Otherwise known as Rockin’ Ronnie Hawkins.

I had a chance to speak with Ronnie Hawkins last week.  We both found ourselves at the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Realtor Quest trade show.

We were both surrounded by beautiful groupies (albeit they were all his groupies but I know he likes to share) as I tried to sound professional interviewing him.

Here’s something important I learned from him:  Be in business with people who like you because chances are you will like them.  As someone who would rather make a pay cheque than receive one, this point is important.  You see, we all have a choice in who we do business with.  And although I like money as much as the next guy, I want to make sure that I’m having fun.

What are your thoughts?