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My favourite podcasts

I’ve written about podcast before on this site. Multiple times in fact. However, I feel the need to write another one for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, there are a few new podcasts I’m listening to that I want to tell you about. Secondly, everyone on my team at work doesn’t listen to podcasts! The horror!

Ready? Here we go!

Birds All Day. This is the most recent reincarnation of the old Drunk Jays Fans podcast. Starring Andrew Stoeten and Drew Fairservice, Birds All Day is a weekly podcast about Blue Jays baseball. I also happen to support this podcast through Patreon which enables content creators to monetize their work.

Birds All Day


WTF. WTF stands for What The Fuck. Hosted by comedian Marc Maron, WTF was recently voted the best podcast by Slate magazine. specifically his conversation with Louis C.K. WTF is filled with longer length conversations between Marc and guests from the world of music, comedy, and soon to be politics (as of this writing Marc is has just posted his interview with U.S. President Barak Obama).


Canadaland with Jesse Brown. Canadaland is another podcast that I support through Patreon. Jesse Brown’s podcast and accompanying website is dedicated to shining an uncomfortable spotlight on Canada’s media industry. If you haven’t heard of Canadaland you’ve most likely heard of one of the biggest stories that broke in recent Canadian media history: The Jian Ghomeshi story. Yup. It is because of Jesse Brown’s investigative journalism that we now know of many issues that Canada’s mainstream media refuse to cover or even acknowledge.

canadaland show with jesse brown

Toronto Mike’d. Hosted by Mike Boon of the Toronto Mike website, Toronto Mike’d started as one man’s look at Toronto from the west side of the city. Today, this podcast is a must listen to show for everyone and anyone interested in Toronto sports and Toronto radio. Here’s a list of some of the more recent guests: Roger Ashby, Matt Galloway, Steve Anthony, Roz Weston, and James Mirtle.

toornto mike'd | karim kanji

Here are some of my other favourite (current and past) podcasts.

Oh yeah! I also have my own podcast. It’s called Welcome! You can find it here. And soon it will be up on Girth Radio.

Welcome! Girth Radio | Karim Kanji