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My Favourite Podcasts

Podcasts are what I refer to as the intersection between great radio and technology.

A few of the podcasts that I am going to list below can be originally heard on radio. However, most of the time I’m too busy to actually spend the time to listen to them live.  And that’s why I enjoy my podcasts. I can still enjoy great talk radio. But on my schedule – where ever and whenever I want to.

In no particular order…

  • Drunk Jays Fans. Published by The Score this podcast is digital heaven for Blue Jays fans. This no holds barred podcast includes everything a Blue Jays fan could want: stats, opinion and entertainment. The hosts are fans but they are also not homers.
  • ESPN UFC Podcast. Hosted from England this MMA-themed but very UFC-centric podcast is a must listen to for all fans of the fight game. A similar show from North America would not be able to lend the perspective that this show does. I think the distance from England to the UFC head offices in Las Vegas allows this show to lend more perspective and credibility.
  • Freakonomics Radio. If you’re a fan of the books and a reader of their blog you will love this podcast. Here’s what you can expect to learn from this podcast: the hidden side. Of everything.
  • This American Life. I got turned on to this podcast by Karim Awad, who is an avid podcast consumer himself. He also used to have his own podcast! Every week, This American Life brings to life stories from America. It’s not so much about flag-waving, red-neck gun-shooting America. It’s more about the neighbourhoods, people and stories that can be found in any city in any country. A recent episode, titled The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar will leave you hanging until the end more than any TV show has ever done.
  • This Week In StartUps. Want to hear conversations with some of Silicon Valley’s top entrepreneurs? Want to hear about the technology news of the week from the perspective of the insiders? Then this is a must listen to show.
  • Under The Influence. Get an insider’s perspective on the world of marketing and advertising and the implications for today’s company’s and consumers. The host’s delivery and the show’s production will leave you wanting more.
  • Wiretap. I stumbled across this program on CBC Radio. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Wiretap, as I see it, is about how the world looks through the eyes of the host: Jonathan Goldstein. After just one listen you will feel like all the characters on the show are part of your family.

There are actually 13 podcasts that I subscribe to. But there are the 7 that I cannot do without.  What are some of your favourite podcasts?

guest appearance on the blogtalkradio network

Earlier today I spent an hour talking to Wayne in Milwaukee on his show.  We chatted about social media, community building, what brands are doing right and wrong, and what makes Toronto so special when it comes to startup community.

Here is the embed code for all of you.

Why I do what I do.

Image representing Boris Wertz as depicted in ...
Image via CrunchBase

I love Toronto.  And not just the Blue Jays baseball team or the CN Tower.  I mean what makes Toronto, well, Toronto.

Her people.  Especially those people who are making things happen.  Whether it be community activists like the folks at the Toronto Green Community or the start-up/tech space that I have been involved in for the past couple of years.

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to chat with Canadian entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist Boris Wertz.  He appeared as my guest on The XConnect Show.  It was our 19th episode and the first time we had a live audience.

The reason we invited a select audience was because our team knew that many people in the start-up space would love the opportunity to listen and learn from Boris.  So we had about 10 guests sit in on the session.

Before our taping I introduced Boris to every member of the studio audience.  And that made me feel happy and proud.  Happy that I could do it and proud that I had the chance to do it.

What made me more happier was receiving an email from one friend a few minutes ago who apologized for leaving without talking to me so he could share with Boris a cab ride across the city.

No need to apologize.

It’s why I do what I do.

5 Questions with Nile Livesey

Many of you know Nile as @scolirk on Twitter.  “Scolirk” is the evil genius   behind Perpetual Radio Networks (PRN) and producer of thirdocean’s Social Media Show.  Today, you get to find out a bit more about the man behind the best voice in podcasting.

What motivates you to do what you do on a daily basis?

I get excited about new technology, and I love being able to share my excitement with the world. I think I have a unique opportunity to share my thoughts with others on a weekly basis and reach a market that is just as enthusastic about technology as I am.

If you had 30 seconds to impart your wisdom on a classroom of soon-to-be graduates, what would you say?

Get out there and do what you love. Don’t let anything stop you from achieving your goals. Anything is possible as long as you are passionate about what you do!

In your opinion, what has been one of the most important technological developments over the past 12 months?

Choice. 2010 was the year of Android in Canada, giving consumers a real option when purchasing a new phone, and choice of carriers with all the new providers that launched their businesses. Finally we’ve gotten quality options when buying cellphones and the carriers that support them.

If you had a crystal ball, what would you say will be the most important technological development over the next 12 months?

Tablets have once again made a splash at CES. Unlike last year, people have gotten used to the idea of a tablet device replacing their laptop or netbook. Now that Google is taking a serious look at tablets with Android 3.0, I suspect we’ll see tremendous growth this year with ultra-portable slates.

Who is one of Canada’s tech stars and why?

Michael Geist is a name that many people may not know but should become familiar with. Michael is a privacy advocate here in Canada and has been leading the fight against unfair copyright laws. I think he’s one of the most well informed tech stars I’ve ever followed, and has my support 100%! If you haven’t seen his work, I’d suggest heading over to his blog at to learn more about him and his efforts with copyright law here in Canada!

top 9 social media tips for real estate – post 23-31 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

Who would have thought banging out 31 posts in 31 days devoted specifically to social media and the real estate industry?  I sure didn’t.  And I guess I learned my lesson.  I’ve completed 22 of 31.  And today is the 31st.  That’s 9 short of 31 for those of you who are keeping score.

So, instead of writing out 9 potentially poor blog posts I thought I’d encapsulate my 9 top social media tips for those of you in the real estate industry.

  1. Blog.  If you haven’t figured it out by now, blogging should be an important part of your marketing strategy.  Your blog should be the space online where people can find out how much of an expert you are on  your industry and on your neighbourhood.  The ability of your blog to also help you in your search rankings should also not be ignored.
  2. Podcast.  Although podcasting has been around for a while it is still a tactic that is seldom used.  As with your blog, use the power of the spoken word to help craft your personal brand.
  3. Twitter.  Remember not to use this as just a push marketing medium.  Use Twitter to create a following and embrace the power of conversation.
  4. Video.  The amount of time people spend online watching videos continues to grow.  We watch videos not just on our desktop.  We also use our netbooks, iPads and smartphones to consume video.  Invest a bit into a Flip video camera and open up a YouTube account.  Just like blogging and podcasting, the ability to share your thoughts on video should also not be pushed aside.  Be creative and original and don’t worry about creating something that’s viral. Just be yourself.
  5. Facebook.  Whether its Places, the Marketplace, Fan Pages or Groups.  The person or brand who figures out how to properly use Facebook in the real estate industry will win.  You don’t have to be first.  You just have to try to see what does work.  There are over 500 million users here.  People are using Facebook more and more.  More so than even Google. So take the time and figure this beast out.
  6. Location-based marketing apps.  There’s Foursquare and Gowalla.  And there are others.  I’ve seen many real estate professionals use Foursquare as an online billboard.  Other realtors use Foursquare (my LBMA of choice by the way) to highlight interesting places around their neighbourhood.  I would suggest using it to show you know your neighbourhood and your expertise in real estate.  Just try your best not to be too pushy.
  7. QR codes.  This funny looking cousin of the barcode has been around longer than the term social media.  But many businesses (real estate included) are still not using them.  Here’s the thing:  More and more people are using smartphones.  And these same people also want information as fast as possible.  Here’s a simple idea:  Use a QR code on your business card and for sale signs to drive immediate traffic to your website and listings.  Now your business is truly open 24/7 even if you’re not.
  8. Attend or Organize a MeetUp.  The power of physically meeting potential partners, leads, and clients is powerful.  In my business, lots of relationships have been strengthened as a result of meeting face to face.
  9. Try.  Things in social media and even in real estate have the ability to change at a blink of an eye.  That being said be open to trying new things often.  Try a new app. Try the new social media site.  Try it. You just might like it!

Happy New Year everyone!  All the best in 2011.

podcasting for real estate – post 5 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

By now you may be thinking to yourself, “I don’t think I can do this blogging or social media thing.”  Maybe it’s because you can’t figure out how to get your thoughts into the written word format.  Don’t be so hard on yourself.  It takes time.  I know. It’s taken me a long time and I don’t think I’ve arrived at all.

Maybe you like to talk though!  That’s where this post’s idea comes from.  If you like to talk, then podcasting may be for you.

Why Podcast:

Let’s first discuss what podcasting is.  Here’s a great video from friend Lee Lefever of Common Craft:


Do you see value in telling your story to an audience you may not have had access to?  That’s what marketing is all about.  Reaching new potential markets.

When you do start podcasting remember to share value.  Similar to your monthly newsletter it’s not always about the last listing you sold or the new property for sale. Talk about how to take care of your home, tips on saving for a down-payment and even your grandmother’s excellent pie recipe.

How to Podcast:

Here’s where it gets a little tricky.  I host a podcast called Social Media Show which is hosted by Perpetual Radio Networks (PRN).  If you were to stop me on the street and ask me “How does somebody start podcasting?” I may not be able to provide you with a proper answer.  However, if you asked me “How did you start podcasting?” then I can answer!

How I got started in podcasting:

I knew I wanted another outlet for my thoughts.  And I knew I wanted another outlet to tell the stories of people I was running into in my life.  Finally, I knew that my interest was mainly in social media.  So I did the only thing I knew how to do.  I tweeted:

I want to start a podcast. Can anyone help me?

Guess what happened?  I received a tweet back from PRN saying they were looking for someone to host a new show on their network.

Happy podcasting!

Tell us about your podcast or if you want to start and don’t know where to go leave a comment below.  Someone here may be able to help you.

fashion and technology – beyond social media: sms episode 9

Yesterday afternoon, Jas Banwait joined me live as did Aditya Shah via Skype to chat about Fashion and Technology.  Again?  Can you believe it?  Who would have guessed that fashion would make a return to SMS before sports?  Don’t worry, my fashion un-sense will not improve.  I do have an un-image to uphold. 😉

On to the show! It was great.  We actually (as the title would suggest) talked more about technology and not just social media.  One of the topics we discussed was how would technology help independent designers and boutiques attract more customers.

Here’s my question to you, do you know of a mobile app or website that designers and boutiques could use to drive traffic to their stores?  If you do,  please share them here!

One that I can think of it  Running in Toronto, My City Lives uses videos to help maps come to life.  Imagine visiting the website and entering “independent clothing store”.  Up would pop up all the independent clothing stores that people have posted videos about.  Simple yet effective.

Anything else?

Google and a little Apple – sms episode #7

Apple and Google

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of speaking one on one with Saul Colt.   Saul! (say it like it reads!) is a great guy in the marketing and social media community here in Toronto.  He is a highly regarded speaker and somehow the ladies love him.  Which is why I appreciate any time he spends with me.

On the show we spoke about Apple, Google and even one of his favourite books.

After you listen to the show I would love your thoughts on Ping – Apple’s new “social networking” experiment with iTunes.

So you use it?  Have you found it useful?  It is a pure marketing ploy by Apple or are they sincere in wanting to give back to their iTunes community?

Your comments are always welcomed and appreciated.

sms episode #6

Twitter, Pulse and the Future of Social Media

This past episode my guests and I had a discussion (among other things) about the future of Twitter.  Ameet said Twitter would last more than 5 years and be around to succeed.  Jeremy thought otherwise and stated that Twitter would not be around in 5 years.

  1. What do you think?
  2. Who’s right and who’s wrong?  Why?

Ameet also introduced us to a project he’s working on called Pulse.

  1. Check out the link.
  2. Where would you like to receive notices from your favourite retailer or service provider?

Thanks for listening, reading and commenting.

sms episode #5

Hey there!

Recently I’ve started a podcast called SMS: Social Media Show.  You’ve probably seen my copy the posts here on this blog.  Starting with this post, I’m going to mix it up a little. 

Instead of posting the show notes I’m going to post a link to the podcast or Ustream of the episode.  Then, I’m going to ask some questions about some of the topics we’ve been discussing on the show.

I think this is a better idea.  I feel that by stimulating some conversation two things will happen.

First, you will enjoy the show more.  Second, I will be better able to prepare for future shows.

Chatting About Google and Chatroulette:

Post podcast discussion:

  1. Has anyone used Google Chat to make a phone call? My brother called me and the conversation was clear and not as choppy as Skype.
  2. Speaking of Skype, should they “be afraid”?
  3. Rumour has it that making free call to the US and Canada will continue into the New Year. Given this, is there any reason to have a home phone anymore?  Doesn’t everyone use a mobile phone?

Let’s discuss!