escape station toronto

Escape Station

You’ve by now heard about the phenomenon known as Escape Rooms. Well, I finally went to my first escape room experience in Toronto on Friday night. And it was amazing!

Escape Station is located 2252 Queen Street East near Victoria Park in the Beaches area of Toronto. It features four distinct rooms each with a different level of difficulty. Knowing that there ¬†was going to be 5 people much smarter than me I thought I’d go ahead and book the toughest room. A level five room with a success rate of a measly 3%!

The goal was to stop an alien attack on Toronto by shutting down the power source of the alien space ship.

How did we do? We were probably 10-15 away from accomplishing the mission.

Who am I kidding?! Without the 4 timely clues given to us we probably would not have accomplished even half of the tasks. But a fun time was had by all of us.

Check out Escape Station!