Zain Velji and Karim Kanji

Episode #70: Zain Velji

In this episode Zain Velji and I discuss:

  • The 2017 Alberta provincial budget
  • The changing demographics of Alberta that has led to progressive mayors in Edmonton and Calgary and the NDP in Alberta
  • The Alberta Advantage
  • The Alt-Right in Canada
  • The “secret” to Naheed Nenshi’s electoral victory in 2010
  • And so much more!

Zain Velji and Karim Kanji

Zain Velji is an innovator, strategist, communicator and community volunteer and is the Vice President of Strategy at Northweather.

Before joining Northweather, Zain spent three years at Hill+Knowlton Strategies as a Senior Campaign Strategist specializing in campaign strategy, grassroots advocacy and behavioural economics.

Zain is the co-creator and host of the highly-rated political podcast, The Strategists which dissects the strategies of political campaigns, parties and governments and is the inspiration of the CBC Television and Radio panel of the same name.

Recorded in Calgary, Alberta.

Music by Afraaz Mulji.

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