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My Raise 5 Contribution

By now you’ve probably heard the good news about my friends, Raise 5. If not, here’s the quick rundown: They just won Richard Branson’s Screw Business As Usual. Here’s a write-up about them from 680 News.

A while back I decided to contribute a service in return for someone donating $5 to Doctors Without Borders. My service? Singing Sweet Child O Mine and posting to YouTube. Well, someone took me up on my offer. Yikes!

For your viewing pleasure:


Why I do what I do.

Image representing Boris Wertz as depicted in ...
Image via CrunchBase

I love Toronto.  And not just the Blue Jays baseball team or the CN Tower.  I mean what makes Toronto, well, Toronto.

Her people.  Especially those people who are making things happen.  Whether it be community activists like the folks at the Toronto Green Community or the start-up/tech space that I have been involved in for the past couple of years.

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to chat with Canadian entrepreneur, angel investor and venture capitalist Boris Wertz.  He appeared as my guest on The XConnect Show.  It was our 19th episode and the first time we had a live audience.

The reason we invited a select audience was because our team knew that many people in the start-up space would love the opportunity to listen and learn from Boris.  So we had about 10 guests sit in on the session.

Before our taping I introduced Boris to every member of the studio audience.  And that made me feel happy and proud.  Happy that I could do it and proud that I had the chance to do it.

What made me more happier was receiving an email from one friend a few minutes ago who apologized for leaving without talking to me so he could share with Boris a cab ride across the city.

No need to apologize.

It’s why I do what I do.

31 for real estate – post 1 of 31

Why wait for New Year’s Eve to make a resolution.  Not that this is a resolution. But to make a decision like this one in one of the busiest months of the year can be considered insane.

All month long I am devoting this blog to sharing my thoughts on digital and social marketing.  My focus is going to be on the real estate industry: real estate agents, real estate companies, real estate service providers, and mortgage professionals are just some of the subjects that I will comment on.

How will I come up with 31?  With your help of course!

I do have almost a decade of experience in the real estate industry so I’m sure Ill have plenty of content.  However, if there are questions you have regarding real estate and how digital and social marketing are effecting this industry, please feel free to comment on this blog.

In the meantime, here is my first piece of advice:

1 of 31:

Don’t be afraid to learn.  I was recently at a real estate social marketing conference.  The one thing everyone had in common was fear of the unknown.

What was this thing they call social media?  Do we need to know how to twitter to survive in the new economy? I’ve been in business for 15 years so why do I need to learn all this new stuff now?

You need to learn because you want to learn.  You need to learn this new stuff so that you can relate to and serve your clients.  You need to learn so that you can continue to stay relevant and profitable.

Feel free to comment and ask questions below.

the hawk

I’m not his biggest fan but even I know that The Hawk is an important figure in Canadian music. And not just Canadian music. But musical history from the past 50 years.

Yes, The Hawk. Otherwise known as Rockin’ Ronnie Hawkins.

I had a chance to speak with Ronnie Hawkins last week.  We both found ourselves at the Toronto Real Estate Board’s Realtor Quest trade show.

We were both surrounded by beautiful groupies (albeit they were all his groupies but I know he likes to share) as I tried to sound professional interviewing him.

Here’s something important I learned from him:  Be in business with people who like you because chances are you will like them.  As someone who would rather make a pay cheque than receive one, this point is important.  You see, we all have a choice in who we do business with.  And although I like money as much as the next guy, I want to make sure that I’m having fun.

What are your thoughts?

Matt Tod empowers youth

Not too long ago I met a young man named Matt Tod.  He’s a very engaging person who is very passionate about what he does.

Here’s a quick video I shot of Matt explaining a little bit about what he does.


Visit Matt Tod on Twitter at

Crushing It on Twitter

Some people ask me about Twitter and why I use it so much.  Others ask me how they can use Twitter.  So, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts.  But not by me.  This is a snippet of Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) talking to some small business owners in Toronto.


How do you use Twitter?  I’d love to hear your tweets thoughts.

Comments – Disable or Enable?

I had a Google Chat conversation with a colleague late last night.  He suggested (based on advice from a SEO “expert”) that I disable my comments section in order to become popular.  Watch the video below and let me know what you think.  I’d love to hear your honest thoughts about this.

(If you’re reading this on Facebook, please come back to and feel free to cment.)


What do you think?  Let me know below.

The Hammer

Watching curling as often as I do….once every 4 years…got me thinking about the importance of the hammer.  Having the hammer is having control.  Are we in control of what we’re doing?  Do we have the last say in what we do or who we become? 

Like curling, we’re going to, one day give up control of our destiny.  Maybe we’ll need other people to become involved in our life in order for us to succeed.  If so, don’t settle for one point.  Crush it!

I’d love to hear your thoughts about “holding the hammer.”