youtube and real estate – post 6 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

My last post on digital marketing and real estate was about podcasting.  This one will be about YouTube and how you could potentially use this tool to market your real estate business.


Before we continue, a reminder:  These 31 blog posts are not meant to be an exhaustive list.  Nor is each post a complete post.  Digital and social media marketing changes constantly so to write everything in one post would be impossible.  What these are meant to do is act as a catalyst for you to change or adapt the way you are marketing yourself and your business.


YouTube allows you to post videos and share these videos via comments, links, social media sharing and embedding the actual videos on your personal site or blog.  Here are two ways that videos can help promote you and your business.


The obvious one is content.  Create fun and compelling content.  You can film anything from an open house, your latest listing, neighbourhood news or anything you and your clients might find interesting.  George O’Neill and David Pylyp are two Toronto-based real estate agents who really understand how to take advantage of this medium.

Both of these agents post everything from neighbourhood landmarks, client testimonials, and even humourous videos asking for your business. Their videos are almost always short and informative.

Link Building

The other thing these two agents have in common is that they understand the concept of link building and the important role this plays in building traffic and potential clients.

One of the things you will notice is how both George and David refer the viewer back to their website.  The best case scenario is that a viewer has stumbled upon their YouTube videos and finds them interesting enough to visit their website and leave a note for George or David.  We would all love this!

Here’s the worst case scenario:  Google recognizes a link between YouTube (a popular site) and their personal blog (not as popular).  In turn, Google ranks George and David’s blog a little higher.  Amazing!  Why?  Now, when you search for real estate information using terms that George and David have capitalized on, you will find them!  Brilliant!

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Want to understand how to make simple, easy and effective videos?  Get yourself a camera such as a Flip Mino and press the little red button. It’s that simple.