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Tom Stephen

Tom Stephen spent the better part of two decades playing drums in and co-managing one of Canada’s top musical trios, The Jeff Healey Band. Tom recently wrote the book, “Best Seat In The House. My Life In The Jeff Healey Band” published by ECW Press.

I sat down with Tom Stephen for almost 90 minutes in a downtown Toronto lobby to talk about his life as a musician and to find out more about one of Canada’s, if not the world’s, best guitarists, Jeff Healey.

This is Episode #153 of the Welcome! podcast. Tom Stephen and I discussed:

  • How Tom was introduced to drums and the first time he met Jeff Healey
  • The reasons Tom effectively became the lead business negotiator for The Jeff Healey Band
  • Tom shared some stories of Jeff Healey with people such as Keith Richards, President Bill Clinton, Mark Knopfler from Dire Straits, George Harrison from The Beatles and BB King
  • Tom described going to New York City to get Paul Shaffer’s (David Letterman’s long time band leader) help in breaking The Jeff Healey Band stateside
  • The Jeff Healey Band’s hit songs as well as Tom’s favourite songs
  • Working with the band and Patrick Swayze on the movie, Roadhouse.
  • Why Jeff Healey always stuck up for Jeff and Joe (bass guitarist) as the band’s rhythm section
  • The straw that finally broke the camel’s back and saw The Jeff Healey Band break up for good
  • Why Tom was told to not show up to Jeff Healey’s funeral
  • Tom’s current health
  • And do much more!

Listen below: