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Mary Ormsby

Mary Ormsby has been a fixture in Toronto’s media landscape for many years. I first heard her on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown and then began reading her in the Toronto Star.

This is Episode #148 of the Welcome! podcast.

  • While growing up Mary Ormsby wanted to be a marine biologist like Jacques Cousteau!
  • Mary first wrote locally for the Toronto Sun before joining the Toronto Star in 1985.
  • Mary Ormsby went to Ohio State on an athletic scholarship.
  • We chatted about Patrick Brown’s political comeback in the 2018 municipal elections in Brampton.
  • Mary and I discussed the sports journalism start-up space with companies like The Athletic and The Players Tribune.
  • With winter on it’s way we also discussed the homeless problem that has continued to plague Toronto for many years.
  • Mary Ormsby has recently written a number of investigative pieces on Ben Johnson, his fall from grace, and his botched post race drug test which we discussed.
  • Mary and I also spoke about Canadian boxing icon, George Chuvallo.

Listen below:

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This episode was taped at Girth Radio studios inside the Pacific Junction Hotel bar in Toronto.

Introduction Music by Afraaz Mulji. 

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Facebook Live

I’m a big fan of Periscope. And so is Facebook. So much so that the social media giant recently launched Facebook Live. What is it? Facebook Live is Facebook’s live streaming functionality. Which means we will all be seeing (and getting notifications) live video in our Facebook newsfeed very soon. Missed going to Opening Day? No need to worry. Just log in to Facebook (or Periscope or Twitter) and watch a Live feed of the game being streamed by one of your lucky friends.

Here’s how to use Facebook Live and start a broadcast:

Facebook Live

Don’t see the broadcast icon? Neither do I. Facebook Live is still not available to everyone. Stay tuned…