Together Everybody Achieves More.

Remember that corny “corporate” acronym? I’m sure you do. However, depending upon your age the meaning may be a little different.

For me, TEAM was used by big, faceless, corporate entities to make it’s workers feel appreciated. Why? Because it was much easier spouting the benefits of a simple catchphrase than it was to give someone a raise or even thank an excellent worker.

Today, times have changed. With technology easier to use and information and training a-plenty, today’s new companies have a different face. Companies like Google (massive) and Freshbooks (not so massive, yet) understand that it’s people who drive the bottom line. And its people who drive the brand and any future business for these and other companies.

So, hopefully you work for or own a business that treats its employees as prime assets that need to be developed and appreciated.

If not, what are you waiting for?

Karim Kanji

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