A Burger Joint

Johnny’s Hamburgers.
If you live anywhere near Toronto or are a former resident you have probable heard of one of Scarborough‘s 7 Wonders. Johnny’s is situated on the south-east corner of Victoria Park and Sheppard Avenues. (Many people have opined that the reason for amalgamation was that the City of Toronto wanted Johnny’s. But I digress.)
Many of my friends swear that Johnny’s are the best burgers in Scarborough, if not the whole GTA. And they may be right. And yesterday I had a craving for some meat. So I went up the street to taste for myself.
Forget the burger. It’s pretty good. OK. It’s better than that. It actually tastes good. Considering that today’s cows are pumped with all sorts of Performance Enhancing Drugs….
But it’s not the food that sets this place apart. It’s the experience. This must be the cleanest “greasy spoon” in all of Canada! The walls and floors are actually grease free. And the counters are spotless. And the service…one word.
Yup. Outstanding. They not only politely ask (as opposed to shouting) what I would like on my burgers but they label them so I know which one is for me and which one is for my wife. They also asked if I was going to eat the burgers soon or go home and eat them. Why? So they could wrap it accordingly. They gave mine in a paper bag so it would stay warm. Otherwise a tray would have been offered.
As I write this it doesn’t seem to be that big a deal. But at 10:15pm when the line up is 5 deep and the stomach’s are growling, a little personal attention helped make their burgers the best in Toronto.