Red Bull TV

I use Windows Phone 7. Yeah, I’m probably one of the few. Soon, I will be using the new Windows Phone 8. The Lumia edition. With the launch of the new Windows Phone 8, I thought I should highlight some of my favourite apps.

Note: I am not getting paid to highlight these apps. I just think there’s a lot of talk about iOS and Android apps. Consider this a little virtual space for some Windows love.

I have never been a Red Bull fan. Let me re-phrase that. I have never been a fan of the drink. But I am a fan of the brand. It all started with Felix Baumgartner jumping out of a capsule from “space”.  Then I hd the chance to meet David Nam from the Canadian offices.  So now I’m a fan.

And I happen to also personally like their Windows Phone app, Red Bull TV. The app is very cool.

Red Bull TV features a cornucopia of action, adventure, glamour and excitement.  The app bring you access to exclusive events such as amazing sporting and cultural events. Meet your favorite sports and entertainment stars, go behind the scenes at major sporting events and the best parties. It’s actually like a can of Red Bull in your pocket.