Exercise your brain

Who am I to talk about exercise. I could lose a few pounds or more. I know that. My muscles could use a little firming up and my heart can be a little bit stronger.

I also realized that my brain can use some exercise a little now and then. And that’s why I came away from TEDxToronto feeling rested and energized at the same time.

When you spend most of your waking hours (like myself and many other do) working on building a business (you can include studying, working and other things in here) you can sometimes be blinded by the fact that your other regions of your mind or brain also need to be activated.  Now, I’m not a behavioural scientist. Nor do I understand, in scientific terms, how the brain works.

What I do know is that yesterday I felt different:  I woke up earlier than I normally do to get downtown on time for the conference. I didn’t tweet much during the conference. Instead I spent my time listening and taking notes on points that resonated with me. I spent lunch and the breaks talking with everyone from friends to strangers and students to millionaires.

And when the conference was done, I was happy in a different sense. My mind felt light. I knew I had work to catch up on but I was happy I spent a day learning from others who were pursuing their passions in areas much different from mine.

So, thank you to everyone who made my TEDxToronto experience a great one. The ideas that were spreading on Thursday infected me.