Making Sense

Many people…a few people…okay…just you read this blog. However, this blog also gets linked to my Facebook account. As a result I have readers who are both web savvy and not so web-headed. So I thought I’d introduce some of you to a couple of pretty cool tools I’ve discovered over the past year.

These tools may be able to help you in your career or studies. Or maybe you’ll just love to use them to help you keep up to date on your old wresting fixation. Ahem.

Twitter. Yeah, I know you’ve heard about it but you think it’s a waste of time. Depends. Watching TV 5 hours a day is a waste of time too. Anyways, here’s the cool thing about Twitter. You decide how to use it! It’s a micro-blogging program that let’s you tell your “followers” anything in 140 (or less) characters. Anything! You can also “follow” people you want to and search for keywords about things that interest you.

Google Reader. I like it better than Google Alerts. It compiles all the cool articles, blogs, keywords that interest you and stores it for you. So, when you’re ready to read the latest additions from the fun folks at Freakonomics then just log into your Google account and see what you have yet to read. I like it.

Well, these are just a couple of tools that I use and enjoy. I’ve also figured out how to use them for business. What tools have you discovered that others may be able to exploit?

To my regular reader(s), sorry about the nature of this post. I’ll be back to my regular programming soon. Maybe an Obama post on Tuesday. I hear it’s a big deal….