“Green” Business – Mainstream

No matter what we think business is taking “green” mainstream.

Two articles recently came across my Google Reader. The first was Motorola’s entry into the green revolution. Second was news that research firm Environics had just opened up a Sustainability and Clean Energy” practice to provide PR support to clients looking to market environmentally friendly practices and services.

These are positive things in and of itself. However, there will be people who say that it’s all just a marketing ploy to generate business during this economic storm.

Here’s the rub: It’s good that “green” is good for business. Changing the consumer mindset of North America (and the rest of the Western world) should not be the point. We should be encouraging innovation and “green” enterprise. And applauding it. Consumers will continue to demand products and services that respond to their desire for eco-responsibility. Companies that respond to these needs will succeed and thrive in the coming months and decade.

What’s your opinion and thoughts? I’d love to hear about them.