1st of 3 books

I’m close to finishing my third book of 2009. I was going to write a post telling you about all three. However, I did not want to forget the content on all of them so here’s the first of three mini-book reports.

Freakonomics was written by Levitt and Dubner. A great and simple read. Books like these make me wish that I continued to study math so I could pursue studying economics at York University. Alas, it was not meant to be. Some highlights from this book include an explanation on why drug dealers continue to live with mom and how your child’s name (or yours!) will determine their future. Levitt and Dubner don’t theorize about these things. They actually study the numbers and come up with insightful and entertaining statements. It’s a great book.

Whether you are an economics student or are just interested in the answer to the question, “Why?”, this is one book that is worth your time. I hope you enjoy.

Your Book?

What book did you just finish? Did you enjoy it? Look forward to hearing about your recommendations. Maybe I’ll read it!