Commission Advances – U.S. Open Style

So, Tiger Woods is favoured to win this year’s U.S. Open. As I write this, he is already on the course with the world’s best golfers.

Hold the mustard! Did I just say Tiger is favoured to win the Open? Yes I did. Even with his knee that just got ‘scoped? Yup. That’s the power of the Tiger Package.
You see, Tiger is not just a one dimensional golfer. Like you didn’t know. Tiger is the total package. So when his putting is suffering (which is not often) he makes it up with his long game. I think you get the picture. This is why he is favoured and the others are just long shots.

And this is why commission advances are so important to your “game” as well. Think of advances as a club in your bag. You might not need it today or even tomorrow. However, you might need it next week or next month.

As a self-employed business person there will be months where things are just cooking! Appointments fill your calendar and closings fill your bank account. Then there are those months when the roof leaks, your daughter gets married and your husband and you want to travel to a nice quiet place somewhere across the ocean. It just so happens that there are no closings and your bank account is drying up. Do you quit?

Never! You still have closings in 2 months! So what do you do? Postpone your life? Or attack it and live it to it’s fullest? This is where RealCash Bancorp can help you live your life. Don’t wait for your paycheck to decide to have fun or pay those important expenses.

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