Weeks that were

Did you miss me last week?  Or yesterday?  I know.  Not yet.  Soon.  Very soon.  Content is coming here.  And fast.

In any event, here are the last 2 weeks that were.


  1. You can find my most recent Techvibes contributions here.  However, here are a few you might find interesting or useful.  Maybe both.  And hopefully a little entertaining.
  2. Canadian company takes location-based apps to another level.
  3. Canadian Prime Minister Harper on YouTube.
  4. Want to get paid to blog and travel?  Yeah, me too.
  5. Do you pay too much on your cellphone bill?
  6. Last straw for WIND Mobile?
  7. Julie Tyios of the Toronto Transit Commission Customer Advisory Panel.


  1. Mitch Joel on the value of promotional products.
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