Mainstream Media vs Bloggers – Part 2

You can find Part One here.  It was written by Eric Smith.

Some of you may know Eric.  He’s on The FAN590 here in Toronto.  He’s also the voice of the Toronto Raptors basketball team.  He also blogs, tweets, does video blogs and makes himself available to the fans, public and to bloggers like me.

So, after Eric posted his article he got attacked.  Viciously it seems.  Unfairly as well.

I’ve had the opportunity to interview Eric for Techvibes.  Back last December, this is a bit of what I wrote:

The ability for people to self-publish blogs creates the perception that all authours are experts which is far from true.  Eric feels the ability to be properly accredited and cultivate important contacts is a privilege that most independent bloggers don’t have.  Traditional sports media are still able to access player and coach interviews as well as seek sources that the average Joe probably can’t. 

I’m not an expert in media or blogging.  Although I report for Techvibes, I don’t consider myself a reporter.  I’ve even done presentations where I admit that I don’t even consider myself “media”.  And I don’t even think I can hold a keyboard to some of the more prolific bloggers out there.

But what really upsets me about this situation is that various sports blogs seem to have bashed on Eric’s opinion.  It’s one thing to have an opinion.  It’s quite another to think that just because someone is a blogger this means that they are more objective or have more to offer. 

As bloggers, here is what we have to offer.  Our unbiased opinion.  And really, that’s all.  What Eric Smith provides is opinion as well.  However, he has the ability to access people, events and information that we can’t.  The only way we get information is from people like Eric.

There is a place for both bloggers and msm.  To take the low road and bash someone because of their job is classless.

That’s just my opinion.  What’s your’s?