It’s a place. And a book.

Shel Israel has written the answer to when your friends ask you: What the heck is Twitter?

Twitterville is a great synopsis of what Twitter was, is, has been, could be.

Shel gives a plethora of examples of individuals, companies, charities and other organizations who use Twitter to further their cause.

Early on he gives an example of an American who used Twitter to get freed from prison.  He also describes how hospitals and other medical institutions use Twitter to engage with the public.  From small companies fighting large corporations to established brands using Twitter as a PR tool, Shel gives a thorough analysis of this simple tool with a limit of 140 characters.

If you’re a student, you can use Twitter to crowdsource information and gather research.  If you’re a professional you may use Twitter to market your product or as a customer service tool.  If you’re a business owner, being on Twitter may allow you to keep up with market demands.

In the end, Twitter may also save the world. Curious? Read the book.  It’s a wonder what we may accomplish in just 140 characters.

Tell me about the book you have just read.