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Recently, I was invited as a media guest to participate and blog at an exhibit in Toronto.  Here is that post.

If you find yourself in Toronto over the next little while, I highly suggest visiting the Ontario Science Centre and take in one of the most amazing exhibits I’ve ever seen.

Body Worlds was created by Gunther von Hagens and features real bodies and body parts.  Body Worlds uses body parts and anatomical  specimens and displays them through a process called plastination.  The results are both breathtaking and not without controversy. 

Breathtaking in that visitors are able to see the body (in various artistic poses) with entire organs and systems intact.  Controversial in that these are not models but real (dead, but very real) human bodies that have been preserved through Mr. von Hagens’ plastination process.  People have actually donated their bodies so that, upon death, they can be displayed for people to understand and be educated.

However you come away from this exhibit, one thing is for sure:  You will never forget it.  Here are some images.  If you’re not able to see this exhibit in Toronto or in your home town visit your nearest favourite online bookseller and enter in ISBN 978-3-937256-09-2.




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