tweeting for real estate – post 16 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

Should you post all your listings on Twitter?  How about only posting listings on Twitter?  Maybe no listings is the answer.  There is no right or wrong way to use Twitter in your real estate business.

Twitter is a communications tool.  The effectiveness of the tool is dependent on the user of that tool.

I’m going to assume that if you’re taking the time to read this that you are interested in growing your real estate business in 2011.  You want to sell more homes.  You want to sell properties that have a higher value.  You want to be able to acquire clients at a lower cost.  You want your clients to refer business to you and come back to you on their next purchase.

A little more conversation

Can you sell more homes and properties because of Twitter?  Anything is possible.  The key I believe is knowing how to use this tool.  Like I said above, Twitter, like other tools, is about communication.  So communicate.

Talk about what you are doing and working on.  Going to watch your kid play in a hockey playoff game?  Tweet this.  Going to a listing appointment. Tweetable.  Having dinner at a new establishment. Tweet it.

Have conversations with people.  If someone you follow says something that you want to comment on then comment. Talk/tweet with people. It’s normal and its human.  Like a link that someone has shared?  ReTweet it.

Community counts

The point is to be part of the community.  And a community member is someone who gives more than she takes.

As you develop into a trusted member of the community, you will notice that people will start coming to you.  They will ask your advice on real estate matters.  They will refer you business.  And they will start to do business with you.

I know this because it worked for me.