facebook marketplace for real estate – post 17 of 31

marketing in a social age is devoting 31 posts this month to social and digital media and the real estate industry.

Head on over to the Marketplace App on Facebook.  “Like” it and you’re   basically ready to use it to market the properties you have listed for sale.

You are able to post pictures and details about the property.  People who are your Facebook friends and others searching the Marketplace will be able to see what you have listed.

However, it is still not the MLS.  The MLS website is known by almost everyone in the market for real estate.  Facebook Marketplace is not.

The effectiveness, therefore, is dependent more on the relationships you have developed online.  MLS works because of its ubiquitous nature.

The key to remember then is that your business is all about relationships.  The way to succeed in real estate with these online tools such as Facebook Marketplace is to put this Teddy Roosevelt quote in practise:

People won’t know how much you know until they know how much you care.