of sheep and men | tiff 2017

Episode #90: TIFF 2017 Director Karim Sayad

Karim Sayad is at TIFF 2017 to show his film, Of Sheep And Men.

Sixteen-year-old Habib dreams of becoming a veterinarian. Unable to study for his hoped-for profession, he has bought a sheep named El Bouq. His hope is to train the animal to become a fighting champion.
With the Eid celebration fast approaching, Samir who only wants to sell sheep, has a unique opportunity  to maximise his profits, as everyone in the country will be buying sheep for slaughter. But for Habib, it’s another story… Will El Bouq become a champion ? Or will he face a more tragic destiny?
Recorded (most of the time) live at Girth Radio.
Music by Afraaz Mulji.
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