The Blogging Continues

Back in December I told you all about my new gig at Techvibes.  I hope some of you have visited me over there and are enjoying some of the people, places, and companies I have been highlighting there.  It’s been really fun meeting some of Toronto’s coolest, hippest and socially progressive tech entrepreneurs.

Today, I have some more blogging news. 

You can now also find me at

The Fadoo website is a Canadian website dedicated to bringing Canadians “a platform for dialogue and comment among people of power and influence in the sports world. And then, let everyone in on the conversation.”

What you’re going to get from me is what no one else in Toronto will be able to provide.  I’ll have the inside look into sports and social media and technology.  So if that interests you then stay tuned (and please comment.  I LOVE comments!).  And if it doesn’t interest you let me know, what you would like to see.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the Olympics!