The Art of Marketing: Creativity

The latest incarnation of The Art of Marketing hit Toronto earlier this month. Here are some of the highlights (from my notebook):

David Usher:

Creativity is breaking the rules of the real world to create something new and different.

Creativity doesn’t happen in the “real” world.

Do you roll over right after your “a ha!” moment?

Structural process helps deliver creativity.

Jonah Berger:

Remember WHY people talk and share. Psychology > Technology.

Craft contagious content.

People communicate desired identities.

Make people feel like insiders.

Find the inner remark-ability.

Top of mind means tip of tongue.

If its built to show, it’s built to grow.

Really good stories are like Trojan Horses.

Seth Godin:

Be willing to get hit.

All media is now optional because the user is in charge.

The edges are where the growth is and happens.

Does your work matter?

Connection economy is where the value is created.

You can get a coffee anywhere. But you can only get a double double from Tim Hortons.

Jobs have been replaced by Art.

Without generosity there is no art.

You can’t predict virality because people are different.

Biz Stone:

Don’t be afraid to fail big.

Creativity is a renewable resource.

Twitter is a triumph of humanity not a triumph of technology.