How to set up Evernote on your new BlackBerry 10 smartphone

I presently use a Nokia Windows Phone 8. However, I’m in the process of on boarding my new BlackBerry Z10.

I received my Z10 when I was in Orlando at the BlackBerry conference last month. One of the main reasons why I have been so slow to start using my new BlackBerry was because I am a heavy user of Evernote – both for business and personal. And guess what? There is not Evernote app for the Z10.

However, Evernote is tightly integrated into the new smartphone via an app called Remember

So it is with great delight that I am going to be a BlackBerry user again. Thanks to Dave Fleet for sharing with me how to link Remember with Evernote. And if you’re having the same problem, here’s what to do:

  • Settings
  • Account
  • Evernote

Yup. It’s that freaking simple.