taras lavren and karim kanji

Taras Lavren

Taras Lavren in an actor who currently stars in the second season of Anne with an E airing now. The first season is available for streaming on Netflix.

Taras Lavren plays Nate in the show – a quick-minded grifter that uses his charm and sharp wit to play the con-game to its full potential. We first get introduced to Nate as one of the borders that take up residence at Green Gables at the end of season one. In addition to Anne with an E, Tara is also a gifted director and filmmaker.

Taras Lavren is a founding member of Blink Twice Films, a unique project dedicated as a collaborative platform for actors, writers, composers and filmmakers. The project aspires to bridge local and international talent around the world by creating an anthology of one-minute short films, which are periodically released over their Instagram platform @blinktwicefilms.

This is Episode #150 of the Welcome! podcast.

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This episode was taped at Girth Radio studios inside the Pacific Junction Hotel bar in Toronto.

Music featured at the end of the podcast is by my cousin, Afraaz Mulji. 

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