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Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame and Museum

Earlier this spring we took a day trip to St. Marys, Ontario for a mini baseball tournament on the fields of Canada’s Baseball Hall of Fame. I had never been to the CBHOF. I was amazed at how small the actual Hall is.

The Hall (and Museum) is located in a former home on a parcel of land donated to the Hall by the St. Marys Cement Company.

Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame and Museum
Canadian Baseball Hall Of Fame and Museum

While the home may be small, there is so much on display on the main floor and even more stored away on the second floor.

I remember watching this game in my parents living room. George Bell was, and always has been, my favourite baseball player.

Toronto once tried to acquire the Giants baseball team. They even had stationary made!

The Terminator!

Yes, the Babe played in Canada before his MLB career began.


Star Trek

Yesterday we dropped into the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. And if you’re a Trekkie you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

The museum has the actual model used in the original Star Trek TV show: NCC-1701.

Gifted to the Smithsonian by Paramount Pictures here are the dimensions of the “studio model”:

  • 3.3 feet in length
  • the main saucer is 5 feet in diameter
  • NCC-1701 stands 2 feet 8 inches in height
  • the engine pods are 6 feet long
  • the secondary hull is 4 feet 7 inches long
  • weight: 200 lbs

star trek | karim kanji

star trek | karim kanji




For more information follow the Museum on Twitter.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, in Hamilton, Ontario  is a Canadian aviation museum and has over 30 military jets, propeller-driven aircraft and helicopters on display. However, it is so much more than a display. With the amazing volunteers, staff, exhibits, and workshops, the Museum is a fascinating place for kids (and adults) of all ages and interest levels.

This past weekend our Cub Scout pack visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for a special Night Ops event. Outside of accompanying my son (who is a member of the Cub pack) my real desire was to talk to someone who could shed a little light on the whole Avro Arrow mystery. I have my theories. 😉

It was a wonderful event and I’m glad I went. Here are some photos for all of you to enjoy.