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Kub Kar Rally – 2017

This weekend saw the beginning of the 2017 Canadian International Auto Show. However, on February 4th, a different and more hands on version of the CIAS took place in Scarborough. It was the annual Kub Kar Rally.

kub kar rally | hot wheels

This annual event sees kids battle each other on who has the fastest Kub Kar. Awards for best design are also given out. All in the hope of advancing to the Scarborough and then Toronto finals.

kub kar rally | hot wheels

Here are some of our participants:


I think I may have heard about geocaching sometime ago. But it was not until I went on a Cub Scout trip a couple of weekends ago that I actually had an opportunity to experience geocaching.

For those of you who don’t know, geocaching is a worldwide phenomenon. Geocaching is a real-world treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices (most smartphones). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates (or use their smartphone like I did) to end up at a specific location. They then attempt to find the cache (a hidden container) hidden at that location. Obviously, someone had to place the cache at that specific location and upload the coordinates.

I’ve only just begun – I found a cache in Guild Inn Park in Scarborough! But I can already imagine the amount of fun I will have.

If you’ve experienced geocaching I’d love to hear/read your comments.

Watch this simple video to better understand geocaching.

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

The Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, in Hamilton, Ontario  is a Canadian aviation museum and has over 30 military jets, propeller-driven aircraft and helicopters on display. However, it is so much more than a display. With the amazing volunteers, staff, exhibits, and workshops, the Museum is a fascinating place for kids (and adults) of all ages and interest levels.

This past weekend our Cub Scout pack visited the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum for a special Night Ops event. Outside of accompanying my son (who is a member of the Cub pack) my real desire was to talk to someone who could shed a little light on the whole Avro Arrow mystery. I have my theories. 😉

It was a wonderful event and I’m glad I went. Here are some photos for all of you to enjoy.