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Twitter Marketing: Social Media Marketing Certificate

Twitter Marketing
Twitter Marketing

Later this month (next week in fact) I will be leading a class at George Brown as part of their Continuing Education program. As part of the Social Media Marketing Certificate I will be teaching the Twitter Marketing course.

To say that I am excited would be an understatement. I’m pumped. And not so much about having the opportunity to teach. But the opportunity to share and learn.

Social media continues to change. Both from a tools/platform perspective and a best practises perspective. This will give me and my students the opportunity to learn the latest trends and practises around using Twitter for marketing.

The best part of the course will be our guest speakers. Being situated here in Toronto gives us the opportunity to learn from some interesting people working at cutting edge brands. Twitter Canada also has their offices here (yes, I’m trying to get someone from there to come speak to the class).

Here is who is booked so far:

Trevor Dean from Level 9 Digital Strategies Inc.; Ira Kates from Catalyst; W. Ryan Dodge from Royal Ontario Museum; and Jaime Stein from ING Direct Canada. I’m also hoping to bring in two additional speakers.

So, if you’re interested in earning your Social Media Marketing Certificate and/or want to make sure you’re utilizing the latest Twitter marketing techniques, then this is the class for you:

Acquire the strategic approaches and practical skills needed to engage with a target demographic using Twitter. Evaluate Twitter’s effectiveness as a marketing tool using case studies and assigned readings. Learn to plan, develop and maintain a Twitter presence for your brand, organization or business that delivers real business value.

See you next week!

Simple social media and experiential integration

You don’t have to spend lots of money, sell your first born or mortgage your house to have an integrated campaign.

ING DIRECT Canada’s latest initiative, #ChequeIn, is a testament to that.

Their mobile app allows you to deposit your cheque by taking a picture of it. (The process is secure.)  To support this announcement, ING has (among other things) undertaken an integrated social media and experiential campaign.

Street teams are going across major centres in Canada with a massive vanity cheque to promote the new digital product. As they’re explaining to people the new program they are also letting people know about the $20,000 worth of cash rewards the company id offering to support the campaign.

All someone has to do is take a picture of the cheque and upload it to Instagram and/or Twitter including the #hashtag: #ChequeIn. (Note: Imagine what the recent Lexus/Instagram campaign could have looked like? OK. Off that soapbox.)

social media strategy

This is how a simple, cost-effective and interesting integrated social media campaign should look like: The street team is out promoting the program; those who want to participate further can snap a shot with a chance at winning some of that $20,000; and ING get a HUGE spike in both mentions and exposure.

Bravo Team Orange!