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Danny Miles of July Talk | Welcome To The Music

Danny Miles is best known as the drummer of Juno Award-winning alternative band July Talk. Danny is also drummer and co-producer of the Alternative Hip Hop group Tongue Helmet and an avid bird photographer.

This podcast episode was originally published on Welcome To The Music.

Image: www.drummerswholovebirds.com/drummers-w…love-birds

Tapes by Gumbel used under Creative Commons license Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Episode #95: D.W. Waterson

Kristin Waterson, credited professionally as D. W. Waterson or by her stage name “Hey! DW”, is a Canadian DJ and drummer, writer, director, and web series creator. She is known for creating and directing the award-winning web series That’s My DJ. She has won several awards for her work on That’s My DJ, including the award for Best Director at the 2016 New York Television Festival.

Recorded (most of the time) live at Girth Radio.
Music by Afraaz Mulji and Gord Downie (RIP)

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