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Sam Reid of Glass Tiger

Sam Reid is a founding member, songwriter and keyboardist with the award-winning band, Glass Tiger. Founded in Newmarket, Ontario Sam and the rest of the members of Glass Tiger have been making music and touring the world for the past 30+ years.

Listen to this exclusive Girth Radio podcast as Sam Reid and the band get ready to play the historic Massey Hall in Toronto.

This is episode #131 of the Welcome! podcast.

Here are some of the things we talked about:

  • How Sam Reid’s parents enrolled him in piano lessons in order for him to open up and develop his growing interest in music.
  • Why Sam Reid had to play “hidden” in his first bands.
  • Why the band’s first name was Tokyo and the circumstances that “forced” them to change it to Glass Tiger.
  • How Sam Reid and Glass Tiger came to open for Culture Club in the iconic Maple Leaf Gardens.
  • How Glass Tiger got hooked up with Jim Vallance during the recording of their first album.
  • How their first hits and success of their debut album changed Sam Reid and the band.
  • The value of a song.
  • Sam Reid’s relationship with the Snowbirds.
  • The importance of not sucking!
  • What is Willow Music and who are the indie band, Alpacas.
  • Why Glass Tiger is still playing music and recording after 30+ years.
  • The importance of playing at Toronto’s Massey Hall.

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Recorded live at Girth Radio.

Music by Glass Tiger.

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