It’s still a beautiful day

Ok Toronto. I think we’ve all calmed down from last night’s rainfall. Apparently the city received more precipitation last night that we received when Hurricane Hazel hit decades ago.

I managed to leave the city when it started raining. So when I arrived home I was shocked to hear about all the flooding and friends who were stranded.

Many of you also took and saw all the photos that were making their way on to social media. It was an amazing thing to witness. Not so amazing, I understand, for those whose commutes were much longer and stressful than usual.

In the spirit of being thankful for all that we have going for ourselves (we’re still the best city in the world with the best people!) I thought I would share a video that I came across this past weekend.

It was meant to be a part of a post on leadership. And last night we did receive some leadership from ordinary citizens, companies and even a few of our political leaders.

I hope you enjoy.