#FollowFriday: Bonnie and Ray of People & Code

Look up the word community and you should see a photo of Bonnie Lui and Ray Kao.

This dynamic duo have flown under the radar for much too long in Toronto. Bonnie and Ray are the husband and wife team behind brands such as Learn TorontoMobile Startups TO, People & Code and much more. I first met Ray at his co-working space in Scarborough called The Work Republic. Since closed, they can now be found in another common space of sorts just a few steps away from Much Music headquarters in downtown Toronto.

Ever since I have known them they have been generous with their time, expertise, knowledge and resources. They both also happen to be a very talented pair of business people. If you need a nimble team to build your website or app, you should give People & Code a serious look.

I am honoured to call both Bonnie and Ray friends.

Over a year ago I spoke with Ray about his projects and his thoughts:


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