How do you use Facebook?

I was asked this question from my cousin last night. It was an interesting question in that it has been a while since anyone has asked me this question. As a result, also surprisingly, I didn’t know how to answer him. He wasn’t asking how I use Facebook for business but for myself.

It was a question I had to think about for a minute. Then I realized. I actually use it for business. Or more specifically, I use Facebook (and all social media tools/platforms) to brand myself as someone who understands and is on top of what is happening in the digital world. I won my own business, so this is important to me.

I want to understand what is happening in mobile, digital, location, social and marketing in general. And if I find anything interesting, I want to share this. And if people see I’m sharing this information then they are going to believe that I am an expert of sorts.

However, I also want people (friends, family, business¬†associates, connections and potential clients/partners) to know that I’m actually a human being with”likes” and hobbies and a life. So I’ll also post stuff about Neil Young, my travels and even my family.

It’s really all about branding. ¬†I want people to be able to see me online and answer the question, “Who is Karim Kanji?” Even if they answer, “I’m not sure, but he sure is interesting” then I’ve also met my objective.

How do you use Facebook?