Hockey Night In Canada – via East Africa!

I won’t go into details about things that have already been written about Sherali Najak. Everything you need to know can be found via a search on the CBC website as well as in Globe and Mail who recently did a feature article on Sherali.

Today, my thoughts will be about his presentation to Ismaili youths on Sunday March 11th in Toronto.

Following will be point form notes and thoughts from the event:

  • HNIC, with Sherali Najak as Exec. Producer, strives towards ACE: Authentic, Canadian, Entertaining.
  • This is the 55th year on the air for HNIC.
  • thought process which drives Sherali – it’s not about facts and figures but about feeling.
  • HNIC strives to make a connection with people.
  • the goal of the leaders at HNIC is to inspire a connection with the audience.
  • important to know what you want to do in life.
  • stressed the importance of volunteering to open doors.
  • applied for jobs he didn’t want or “deserve” because he just wanted to get into the broadcasting industry (because he didn’t have any experience)
  • talked about being unreasonable which was very uncomfortable but which helped him land jobs within CBC he shouldn’t have applied for.
  • while attending Mohawk College, he gave his time and energy and enthusiasm to any and all jobs just to gain experience. (he was open-minded and had time and passion.)
  • failed in his first year at College.
  • got his first CBC job while failing at school.
  • applied for a director job at CBC Newsworld with NO EXPERIENCE at 18 years of age while he was still a student! Got the job!
  • believes in creating your own opportunities.
  • Leadership and Love is unconditional.
  • reason why Bob Cole is still with HNIC is because he gives the viewer that feeling.
  • doesn’t believe in asking people to do better if they are already doing their best.
  • also produced a Peter Mansbridge ONE on ONE Special with His Highness The Aga Khan.

Amazing 2 hours of insight into HNIC, CBC. Also a great speaker who talked with his audience rather that to his audience.

Karim Kanji