Good Customer Service – Extinct?

Interesting, isn’t it?

Customer service.

In Toronto, such a concept may have been going out of style. Is it suddenly un-cool to be kind these days? I pride myself on being a Torontonian. A city with a big feel, yet small enough to enjoy. This was my picture of T.O.

Recently, I was subject to 2 cases of BAD customer service. The first was from Mr. Lube and the second was from Direct Energy. I won’t bother you with the details, but in both cases, I “left” without the problem being solved and with a bad taste in my mouth. Kind of like my UHaul case a year or so back. I highly doubt these companies will earn a dime from me in the future.

Now, before you think I am “attracting” bad vibes, I do have 2 recent “success” stories. TTC and Kelsey’s. Alot of people like to beat up The Better Way. My last experience was pleasant, thank you. The driver told me to have a good evening as I stepped out of the bus! Amazing!

At Kelsey’s I had every single wait staff member in the restaurant serve me and my party this past weekend.

Moral of the story: I like you , enjoy GREAT customer service. It’s the least we can do for each other.

Have some horror stories? What about Success stories? Send them in and I’ll post them. Just keep them clean 🙂

Karim Kanji