blackberry torch party

On Monday I was invited to the BlackBerry Torch release party.  Why?  I’m telling people that someone made a mistake and that there is another Karim Kanji out there who is mad at me.

This party was a perfect example of “pixels and people” coming together.

Amber MacArthur was there showing off various cool things you can do with the Torch’s new Social Feeds feature.  Research In Motion also had a big wig there thanking everyone for coming to support an iconic Canadian tech company.

There was also plenty of food and drink for everyone and music to burn the calories away.

There is a difference in how RIM and their major competitor, Apple, releases products.  Apple keeps everything a secret and invites all the Apple fanboys and techies to massive product announcements that resemble a Christian revival.

On the other hand, RIM throws a party and gets everyone feeling great.

One manages to generate worldwide buzz, while the other seems to generate more of a local buzz.  Both work.

The one you choose to employ with your client or company depends on the intended goal.

At the end of the night, myself and about 200 others walked away with a BlackBerry Torch.  I’m happy and still talking about it.

Although I will miss my Samsung Galaxy S.