the future of media: sms episode 8

Three great guests joined me this week as we discussed “the future of media.”  (You can listen/watch HERE.)

We had Sean Ward, Karen Schulman Dupuis and Kevin Keane.  All three of them more than added great content, expertise and knowledge to the conversation.

One topic that did come up was the recent completion of the Bell and CTV merger.  The conversation led to a discussion on the viability of closed wall gardens.  Then on Monday Michael Geist penned an article, Media mergers the latest stab at ‘walled garden’ strategy.

I highly encourage you to watch or listen to this podcast and also read Geist’s article.

Here’s my question to you:

What’s your opinion on walled gardens?  Are content providers serious about looking at this as a viable strategy?  Or will they offer everyone’s content?  And at what price?