A whack of stuff…

There is just a ton of stuff happening this weekend!

Tonight there is an Argos game at the building formerly known as SkyDome. So what? Well, I recently highlighted two of their players – Ibrahim Khan and Graeme Bell – here. I’m doing some volunteer stuff for the Double Blue and hope to sneak away and get a word or two with these two guys.

Saturday, I’m going to grow my business network.

Sunday I’m busy. I know God rested on Sunday. Seeing that I didn’t create a whole universe in my first 6 days I figure I should stay busy. Have a birthday party in Mississauga, a concert/green event with Jack Johnson in Barrie, then a special meeting with some business mentors to wrap up the night.

Monday, the Ontario government is giving me the day off. So, I’ll join 50 close friends to watch the Blue Jays out-athletic the A’s.

So, I hope to get enough content to fill this bandwidth next week.

Maybe I’ll sleep next weekend….

What are you doing this weekend? (Please comment on the original post.)