Friday musings

Forget Barney. The ubiquitous, purple, fun-loving dinosaur is cool. But only kids (like Kahzmir) think so. Me? He ain’t so cool. That’s the thing with dinos. They are old relics of the past. Their glory days are little specs in the rear-view mirror.

Bell Canada, IMHO, is a dinosaur. Or maybe a beaver. Their beaver ads have been all over the place over the past number of years. Yesterday, Bell launched their brand new advertising campaign. Many of you may have seen the “er” ads all over town (at least here in Toronto). These ads actually got me wondering, “What the heck is er?” Pretty clever.

Bell is trying to become more relevant and hip for today’s tech savvy, iPhone-dialing, Guitar Hero-playing consumer.

My argument is that Bell is a dinosaur and they can never be relevant. Serious. It’s more than being savvy in your marketing. Bell has to become more innovative in their pricing policies and product offerings. You can be as cool as you want. Today’s consumer is voting with their pocketbook.

Are you open to take a look at Bell as your “media” provider? (To comment please visit the ORIGINAL post)