Just what are the Olympics for?

Have you asked yourself this question recently?

Everyone knows that there is discussion happening around the world and blogosphere about China hosting this year’s version of the Summer Olympics. You have to be living under a rock in Northern Saskatchewan not to realize this.

So two articles caught my attention today.

The first is that the Chinese government is setting up a number of locations where people can speak freely. Really?! Why, thank you very much. I wonder if they will let athletes win from countries other than their own?

Do you think the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has anything to say about this? Maybe not. They are too busy barring 4 – as in FOUR! – Iraqi athletes from competing in these games because of some government disagreement.

OK. So I stopped being naive last week. But still! At least show me that the IOC is impartial and not just a money-grabbing conglomerate that could care less about the original Olympic ideals!

Just what are these Olympic games for anyways?

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