you didn’t know?

“You’re not?”

“You didn’t know? I sent an email out?”

The above was the beginning of a conversation that happened a few times last night during an event that saw some of Toronto’s newest and hottest start-ups gather to celebrate the birthday of one Alkarim Nasser of BNOTIONS fame.  

I honestly thought everyone knew.  Well, at least everyone who ought to know.  Know what?

I’m not with Techvibes anymore.  It has been a few weeks now.  I’m not their Toronto Community Manager and I’m not affiliated with them in any capacity anymore.  The reasons don’t matter.

Here is what does matter:

  1. With your help, we added more than 30,000 unique Toronto-based visitors on a monthly basis to in just under one year.
  2. My passion for the Toronto tech start-up scene continues.  Which is one of the reasons why I started Social Media Show with Perpetual Radio Networks this past summer.  (There will be a slight re-branding of the show to reflect the next item below!)
  3. Together with Carolyn Van we have launched a new business called thirdocean:  thirdocean is an open & fluid space filled with currents of social interaction, digital communication & data.

That being said, I am very excited by what the New Year will bring.  I hope you will continue to read, follow and interact with me in the digital and protein spaces in 2011.  I plan on “making waves”.  Really big ones!