Why I started @karimsreplies

It’s been a while wince I’ve blogged here.  If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet, I haven’t really.  I just need to focus on when I’m going to write or video blog here.  I have, however, been writing up a storm over at Techvibes.  There’s a link over to the right of this post to some of my stuff.

But before I go I have to tell you about @karimsreplies.

Many of you may know that I tweet.  Alot.  Not that much.  Guess it depends who you ask.  One of the things I found was that I was responding to alot of tweets.  And that’s a good thing.  The problem was that everyone would receive these tweets.  And sometimes this is not a good thing.  There is something called “noise”.  Noise is the stuff on Twitter and other social media platforms that doesn’t add any value. 

The question about value is relative.  If you don’t like the comment then it’s noise.  And then there’s the issue with Facebook.  All of my tweets end up on Facebook.  Some people think I’m the only one alive when they visit their Facebook pages.

So I have decided to fix it.  Partially. 

I’m still tweeting from @karimkanji.  And I encourage you to follow me.  Your IQ will actually increase as will your coolness factor. 

However, I will respond to tweets via @karimsreplies to help keep the noise down.  People can still follow me at @karimsreplies but now you know my purpose in tweeting from @karimsreplies.

I’ve been asked, “Why not just DM?”  Two reasons:  One, not everyone follows everyone.  And to DM someone on Twitter we need to be following each other.  Two, some people actually are interested in following the conversations happening over at @karimsreplies. 

So, if I’m your friend on Facebook you can thank me for the noticeable decline in tweets.  Also, if you’re a heavy tweeter, think about opening another Twitter account just to reply to people.  You’re still engaging but you’ll be a little less annoying.  And my sister says that’s a good thing.