which smartphone should a real estate agent use? – post 9 of 31

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You have 3 4 choices:

  1. Windows Phone 7.
  2. BlackBerry (pick your version. I use a Torch).
  3. Android-powered device.
  4. iPhone 4 (does anyone still use a 3?)

I’m not going to tell you which one to use.  But here are some questions you should ask yourself.  The answers will tell you which one you should use.

  • what do you want to use the phone for?
  • are mobile apps important to you?
  • will you use it to make any sort of visual presentation?
  • what’s your budget?
  • are you a full time or a part time agent?
  • do you value productivity tools over entertainment applications?
  • is a smartphone a communication device for you?
  • are there mobile apps that you need to conduct business?
  • is having the latest and coolest gadget important to you?

Ok.  I said I wouldn’t tell you which phone to use.  But I will tell you which phone I use.  The BlackBerry Torch.  I’m thinking if I was using an Android or iPhone that I’d be too busy playing games and wasting money buying apps.

But that’s just me.