Two Princes

My mom calls – or at least used to call – me prince.

Then there is His Highness The Aga Khan.

He’s dropping by Ottawa today to begin his Canadian stop on his Golden Jubilee worldwide tour. It’s been 30 years since he first arrived in Canada in 1978. It was November 18th 1978. I turned 6 years old that day.

So, this begins a daily posting here at INSPIRation for the duration of the Aga Khan’s Canadian trip.

Who is the Aga Khan?

For starters, he’s not a rockstar, although his tour would make the Rolling Stones jealous. He’s not a philanthropist, although his development network ( is the largest non-denominational NGO in the world.

There is a wonderful informational website that describes who the Aga Khan is, who the Ismaili Muslims are, and what things they are up to. I hope you check it out. If you live in Canada and live in an urban centre, chances are you know an Ismaili.

(Getting the building formerly known as the SkyDome ready!)

Disclaimer: I am an Ismaili and today is my birthday.