Field of Dreams (Thanks Aneez!)

If you build it they will come. So he did. A baseball field in the middle of nowhere. No money to pay for it. No money for food or the mortgage. But he did build it. And, if you watched the movie it had a happy ending. Field of Dreams is widely accepted as the best sports/baseball movie of all time.

There is another Field of Dreams being constructed in Toronto at the SkyDome (some people refer to it as the Rogers Centre.).

I had a chance to drop by the site of 2 World Series championships and a few CFL titles as well last night. I wish I could figure out how to download the pictures and video I shot with my antique cell phone.

The stage is MASSIVE yet simple. I’ll be there again over the next 2 days lending a helping hand wherever they need me, so I’m sure to have a few more thoughts and observations. And maybe pictures. Keep your fingers crossed….

Field of Dreams. I am glad I’ve had the opportunity to play a very, very small part in helping to “build it.” He will come. This weekend. I can hear the voices already….