Bob Harig

Tiger Woods: A Conversation with Bob Harig

Bob Harig
Bob Harig
Welcome to the show, the most respected golf writer today, Bob Harig!

Bob Harig is a distinguished golf writer now with Sports Illustrated, who previously lent his talents to ESPN and the Tampa Bay Times. Bob’s journey into the world of golf started in the suburbs of Chicago, where he worked as a caddie. His hard work and dedication earned him an Evans Scholarship, paving his way to Indiana University.

Bob’s career is nothing short of impressive. He’s had the privilege of following and documenting the incredible career of Tiger Woods, witnessing firsthand all of Woods’ major championship victories. His deep insights and compelling storytelling have made him a highly respected voice in the golf community.

Karim Kanji and Bob Harig discussed Harig’s new book, Drive: The Lasting Legacy of Tiger Woods.

The discussion delved into Tiger’s physical challenges and mental strength, his journey from amateur to professional, and his career highlights and legacy.

The episode also highlighted the lasting impact of Tiger Woods on golf and society. Despite the complicated nature of his legacy, the participants emphasized the importance of not compromising and setting daily goals to stay on track, drawing inspiration from Tiger’s drive and resilience.

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