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Unboxing The Dash from Bragi

Finally. The one Kickstarter product I’ve been waiting for finally arrived earlier this week. The Dash by Bragi.

The Dash reminds me of “comm” that Jack Bauer used to place in his ear to talk with and listen to CTU (Counter Terrorism Unit) when he went on his missions to save the world.

I’m getting used to the gestures to control The Dash as well as all it’s features. I’ve already used it to store and listen to music with (independent of my phone), listen to podcast from my phone as well as track my workouts.

The music sounds clear and crisp. The preset instructions are also clear enough. I’m really excited about my new Dash! Thanks Bragi!

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

The Dash | Bragi

5 Canadians to watch in digital technology in 2016

At the beginning of this year I wrote a piece for itbusiness.ca titled, 5 Canadians to watch in digital technology in 2016.

2015 was a very eventful year in Canada. We saw Justin Trudeau’s Liberals topple the Harper Conservatives decade long grip on power in this country. When it came to technology, we continued to see Uber battle local governments and the established taxi industry; marketers giggled with excitement as Facebook opened up the ability for all businesses to advertise on Instagram; Periscope made Twitter cool again (but for how long?); Netflix continued to grow; and Taylor Swift shamed Apple Music into paying artists a fair wage.

What will 2016 bring to the table here in Canada? Who will the movers and shakers be in technology here? Time will tell, however, here are five Canadians worthy of your attention in 2016.

Click HERE to read on.

Top Articles of 2014

2014 is almost over. And 2015 is just around the corner. In this post we take a look back at some of the more popular articles of 2014.

Coffee Lounges

I attended a few coffee lounges at Willowdale this past year. After attending I posted some thoughts and pictures here. The most popular article that was written in 2014 was the Lounge that featured former Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed. The second most popular article from this past year featured the CEO of Aga Khan Foundation Canada, Khalil Shariff.

Toronto Politics

If you lived in Toronto in 2014 you know that politics took front page on almost a daily basis. And not because of anything good. Mostly. The third and eighth most popular articles from 2014 highlighted two personalities from Toronto politics. Third place (coincidentally) features Olivia Chow. I met Chow over the summer at a friend’s backyard barbeque. I also read Crazy Town by Robyn Doolitle which ended up as the eighth most popular article of karimkanji.com this past year. The book detailed the various shenanigans of Rob Ford and his dysfunctional political family. I also wrote about meeting eventual Mayor of Toronto, John Tory.

Social Media

The following three articles also ended up in the top ten most popular articles of 2014:

The Problem with LinkedIn;

How To Block Promoted Tweets In HootSuite;

I started teaching a couple of social media marketing courses at George Brown College here in Toronto.


On itbusiness.ca, I started writing more about wearables in 2014. However, the most popular article I wrote on itbusiness this past year was my digital technology forecast for 2014.

Catalyst Blog

My writing can also be found on the Catalyst blog. The most popular piece from this past year was a look at the future of mobile banking.


Did you know I also have a YouTube channel? I do. And you should subscribe! Here was my most watched video from 2014:


My itbusiness.ca articles in 2014

I continued to write for ITBusiness in 2014. My latest article focused on the future of marketing and the wearables industry.

I also wrote in early 2014 about the 9 Canadians in the digital space to watch in 2014. This specific article was rated the 5th most popular article in all of 2014 on ITBUSINESS.

I also wrote a follow-up piece later in the year to see how these 9 people were doing. How do you think they did in2014?

Thanks to everyone for reading my blog and also, of course, for reading my submissions on ITBUSINESS in 2014. Here’s to another great year in 2015!

Connected Life survey | We Are Wearables

The hottest start-ups and technology can be found every month at the We Are Wearables meetup in Toronto. At this past week’s meet-up, attendees were also treated to a presentation by Nielsen Canada on their soon to be released report: Connected Life.

Following is a summary of comments and photos from this presentation.

For more information on the Connected Life survey and the future of wearables and smartwatches in Canada visit Mobile Syrup’s post on this presentation.

Ottawa company launches their IndieGoGo campaign

LEO: Fitness Intelligence
LEO: Fitness Intelligence

Earlier last month I wrote about an Ottawa-based startup called GestureLogic that had just finished building a product called LEO. Now, the fine folks that built LEO are raising funds on IndieGoGo. The team is looking to raise at least $50,000 to help finish building their product:

Your contribution will go directly into building our beta units so that we can transform LEO into a final product. But crowdfunding is not only about the funding, it’s also about the crowd! Your contribution means a whole lot more than extra cash.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdCf7XwJSLk?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

If you’re interested in checking out what the campaign is all about check out their IndieGoGo campaign page at: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/leo-an-intelligent-wearable-fitness-device-that-actually-monitors-your-body.

LEO: Fitness Intelligence
LEO: Fitness Intelligence

The Day Prime Minister Harper visited Thalmic Labs

Last week, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Waterloo tech startup hub Communitech which is also the home of Thalmic Labs.

Scott Greenberg, Head of Developer Relations at Thalmic Labs, and Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs, showcase the Myo armband flying a Parrot drone to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. (left to right)
Scott Greenberg, Head of Developer Relations at Thalmic Labs, and Stephen Lake, CEO and co-founder of Thalmic Labs, showcase the Myo armband flying a Parrot drone to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. (left to right)

You can read about the visit at itbusiness.